Young Choreographers Project


Connecting. Coaching. Creating.

Young Choreographers Project connects young aspiring dancers from the inner-city of Los Angeles with dance professionals for mentoring and education in choreography.  Students work closely with their mentors to create original dance pieces that are later showcased and performed by their peers for their friends, family, and community.

What We’ve Accomplished So Far…

With 2 successful programs now under our belt, we have impacted the lives of close to 100 young dance students from The Gabriella Foundation’s everybody dance! program.   22 of these students were given the unique opportunity to be matched with dance professionals and learn the art of choreography.  With the support and guidance of their mentors, each of them choreographed, casted, and staged an original dance piece.   The overall experience left students feeling an increased sense of confidence and self-esteem, as well as an ability to truly express themselves through movement.  In addition, each student was able to develop their leadership and communication skills.

What’s Next?

This summer, we are holding 3 choreography intensives throughout Southern California.  We are hoping these workshops will allow us to raise some of the funds needed to keep our program going, as well as an opportunity to connect with other dance communities and students.  Please visit our website to find out more about our Summer Choreography Intensives.

What Your Financial Support Will Provide

We would love to expand this opportunity to more communities in Southern California, as well have a 3rd program in Los Angeles in 2017.   We need YOUR support to make this happen.  Your donation of any amount will provide us with the funds to continue providing this life-changing experience to more of SoCal’s youth.

  • Choreographers’ stipends

  • Studio and rehearsal space and supplies

  • Venue rental and insurance

  • Costumes

  • Advertising and marketing for events

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.  For more information please visit our website at  Get to know some of our Young Choreographers by visiting our YouTube channel.







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